Access to Cancer Care


The Body Agency Collective has partnered with the Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation (GACCF) in the fight against cervical and breast cancer. The Body Agency Collective is stepping up in this fight to help the GACCF in this effort to screen, treat and even prevent these diseases that are threatening women in low- & middle-income countries. The threat posed is significantly worse in low- & middle-income countries which is why we have partnered with the GACCF to fight these diseases head on that are threatening underprivileged women globally.

The Facts

Breast and cervical cancer are the two most common cancers in low- and middle-income countries. Breast cancer represents about 27% of all cancers in women in these areas of the world, with an age-standardized incidence rate of 31.3 per 100,000, representing over half a million new cases every year. If cervical and breast cancer are detected early enough, they are of the most successfully treatable forms of cancer.

Our Partner

The Global Access to Cancer Care Foundation (GACCF) supports the world in the global fight against cancer by delivering comprehensive clinical training programs to create a core base of local healthcare professionals in low to middle income countries in Asia, Africa, India, and South America to treat victims who currently don’t have access to adequate care.




Our Partners