Conservation Nation



We have partnered with Conservation Nation in the fight to save animals and the planet by bringing every smart voice and innovative solution to the table. Pandemics begin when a sick animal passes a disease to a human, a process known as zoonosis. SARS, Ebola, HIV AIDS, and, of course, COVID-19 are all zoonotic diseases that arose from human/animal contact. Long-standing systems have put up enormous barriers to careers in wildlife conservation. The work to identify future pandemic outbreaks is part of the 'One Health' approach, which focuses in part on finding dangerous diseases while they're still in animals, identifying and minimizing the likely vectors with people, and getting a jumpstart on vaccines.


The “One Health' efforts fund critical work by female veterinarians and conservationists fighting to save both people and wildlife from devastating diseases. Founding members of the Conservation Nation Collective can 'own' a One Health-focused project of their choosing, allowing them to make a meaningful impact in saving people and wildlife from the next pandemic, supporting women in the field, and having an incredibly powerful, once-in-a-lifetime learning experience.

The Facts

Today over 8,400 species are critically endangered, and many thousands more are endangered or vulnerable. There has been an average 68% drop in global population sizes of amphibians, birds, fish mammals and reptiles between 1970 and 2016. A recent study showed that the rate of return on every dollar invested in protected areas and in promoting sustainable tourism is at least six-fold.

Our Partner

Conservation Nation is a passionate team committed to saving species by making the field of wildlife conservation accessible to a broader group of people. For the sake of the planet and wildlife everywhere, we need every voice at the table. They are dedicated to changing the conservation career path from one of limited access to one of inclusion and growth. Since 2016, the collective has provided $515,000 to fund 67 projects around the world.