Educate Adolescents on Sexual Health in India


BodyNEXT India is a pilot project that will deliver culturally relevant health education and products to very young adolescents aged 10-14 who live in poor urban areas for the first time. Using existing networks of health educators, PSI India will work with The Body Agency Collective to provide puberty information and products (such as sustainable menstrual hygiene kits) to very young adolescents (aged 10-12), and more advanced education and materials for young adolescents (aged 13-14). 


The Facts

In a 2014 study by Naidu et al, about half of 13-year-old girls knew about pubertal changes, but their knowledge of menstrual hygiene was poor: only 14% knew that the uterus was responsible for menstruation, and although more than 80% had heard of HIV/AIDS only 30% knew how it was spread.

PSI India

PSI India has been providing sexual and reproductive education and materials to adolescents aged 15 and up as well as young adults for more than 30 years. They work through direct intervention at the community level with many health facilities and front-line workers, engaging with the private sector, and providing large-scale technical support to the state governments. Their team is extensive, including expertise in adolescent health, urban health, rural health, behavior change communications, reproductive health, research, measurement and evaluation, and maternal and child health.