Laos Disabled Women's Development Centre


The Laos Disabled Women's Development Centre (LDWDC) is a non-profit organization run by Lao women with disabilities. They were established to assist people in coping with their disability and advocate for the rights of women with disabilities. These wonderful artisans are producing The Body Agency Vuppet, Tote, and Pouch, and our orders expand their ability to grow their business and create jobs. This helps to advocate for their rights, empower them to become leaders in their communities, and celebrate their ability and talent as artisans. 

The Facts

Disabled people are twice as likely to be given inadequate healthcare and are three times as likely to be denied healthcare or be mistreated. Education is vital for people with disabilities to retain employment, yet children with disabilities are less likely to start school that other children and women with disabilities are three times more likely to be illiterate than men without disabilities.

The Body Agency Vuppet

The Vuppet is for moms, dads, daughters, sons, partners, nurses, gynecologists, teachers, friends - anyone who needs to know about or teach others about the female body. And that is pretty much everyone! It was developed specifically with parents in mind to take the embarrassment out of important conversations, making them fun.


The Body Agency Tote & Pouch

Designed and hand-stitched with loving care by these wonderful women, the Body Agency tote is the perfect carry-all sized to fit all your necessities, complete with two shoulder straps. Ideal for school, work, grocery shopping, and other daily activities. We also carry a smaller pouch just the right size for a cell phone along with tampons, pads, or menstrual cup (or anything else).